Eyewear Technology

The Science behind the perfect glasses

Even the most “ordinary” pair of modern glasses is a high-tech event. Today’s technology makes it possible to match the exact needs of your lifestyle to a pair of glasses that is tailored specifically for you.

Matching the wearer (you) to the technology (your glasses) successfully is part of what makes up the science of ophthalmic dispensing. Opticians are the professionals who practice that science, and our dispensary is staffed by expert and Licensed Dispensing Opticians. Our optical staff will help you select from our extensive line of designer frames, to enhance both your appearance and the performance of the ophthalmic lenses prescribed by our eye physicians.

Ophthalmic (eyeglass) lenses come in an amazing array of options, from simple single-vision lenses in advanced materials to free-form, multi-focal lenses that take your eyewear into the realm of the truly amazing. You can rely on our opticians and dispensary staff to help you make a perfect choice, resulting in a pair of eyewear that will help you get the most out of every aspect of your life.

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